Psst (about me)

  • Owner/Driver: Jon Lehman

  • Age: 77

  • Hometown: Kickapoo, IL

Oh, sure I have flesh-colored hair, but I’m happy.

Update: I’ve sold my racing stuff and retired from the sport. I miss my racing friends but still keep in contact, usually on Facebook. Look me up.

I majored in Business Management and Marketing at Bradley University in Peoria, IL. I founded and ran Big Towing Co., Inc. in Peoria for 22 years. It was the oldest towing company in Peoria. I sold that and founded and ran Phootnote Publishing Co., Inc. for 10 years. It was a 48 page tabloid-sized business management based newspaper that was mailed free to every towing company in every state every month. The paper was 100 percent advertiser supported. Upon selling that I retired to start enjoying life. My wife and I took up scuba diving. I became a Rescue Diver and Divemaster, one step below Instructor. We’ve traveled to many islands in the Caribbean. Upon turning 58 I decided it was finally time to start racing.

Not being the next NASCAR star did not mean I didn’t get noticed. I always pitted near the spot where the karts entered the track. Everyone went byNO_GOATS web page copy my pit for every race. All of my equipment was new and top of the line. My “No Goats” logo was visible on everything. Most people called me No Goats instead of Jon.

I was aware of my image to the younger drivers and tried to be a role model for them. I made it a point before the races to walk the pit area and talk to the other participants and their parents.

Professionalism and image have always been a priority for me in both of my businesses and my racing. My driving suit, T-shirts, hat, kart and trailer all had my logo prominently displayed.

Having fun and making friends was my prime concern. Passing this philosophy to the other competitors was a major goal. Racing was merely a bonus.

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