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I got into kart racing at age 58, five years after I retired. My wife, being the lazy person that she is, told me if I was going to do that, I better buy a one-man kart stand because she wasn’t going to be running out to the barn and the race track to help me take it on and off the stand all the time. See how lazy she is? This is the same woman who made me buy an electric starter. You are thinking, “Wow, she is too lazy to pull the rope!” No, that’s not it. She didn’t want to be seen in public on her knees while blowing into the fuel tank. But that’s another story.

So I met Tim Koyen at a kart show in St. Charles, IL. He was selling KartLift one-man kart stands. On the advice of my listless wife, I bought one. My KartLift one-man kart stand has worked wonderfully and withNO_GOATS web page copyout fail. My wife hasn’t had to lift a finger, which makes her a very happy woman. If my wife is happy, I am happy.

As I’ve gotten older (besides having very little peer pressure), I always told myself if I couldn’t pick the kart up using the KartLift, I was going to have to quit racing. Lately, I’ve been breathing a little harder after pulling it up. It’s still not a big deal, but I need all the air I can get. I get winded putting on my socks. I mentioned this to my still lazy wife (not about my socks, about the kart stand). Worried I was going to make her help me, she said, “You better buy that electric model KartLift Tim sells.” Dang, she is one slothful lady.

I emailed Tim about my dilemma with my lethargic wife. He agreed to help me with my problem by sending me the WinchLift LT, in exchange for money of course. This caused my lackadaisical wife to breath much easier than I was hoping to – her from not having to do anything and me from being able to merely push a button to raise and lower my kart.

We have a very happy marriage because of Tim Koyen, KartLift and now WinchLift LT. I think I’m going to ask Tim to go with us on a trip on our anniversary. Well, maybe not.

To see why my inert wife is so happy, click on this link:

KartLiftOne person kart stands, traditional and electric. Your wife will love it!: www.kartlift.com/

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Other great sites:
Bob’s 4 Cycle
Everything about dirt kart racing: www.4cycle.com/NGR logo

Faster Motors – Go fast motors for your kart: https://faster-motors-wi.myshopify.com

Briggs & Stratton Racing Manufacturer of Animal racing engines: www.briggsandstratton.com/engines-racing/

Earl Mewhorter – Southern Comfort Tire Treatments, LLC Earl is a master with tire treatments and Maxxis tires: http://www.tirepreps.com/

Bonaire Best island in the Caribbean: www.infobonaire.com/

Todd Godwin A great book for anyone with questions about setting up a kart is Fast Start. It’s well worth the money:  http://www.dynamicsofspeed.com/start_fast.htm

InMotion Hosting Build your own web page: https://inmotionhosting.com/

CAB-Racing – A lot of great charts and setup information:  http://www.cab-racing.com/setup.html

JAM Screen Printing & Embroidery – Excellent source for custom screen printed t-shirts, hoodies, coozies and other garments, as well as embroidered hats, beanies and more:  https://www.jamscreenprinting.com